October 20, 2015

Coerver Coaching Japan has given an opportunity for players from Coerver Coaching Singapore to train in Japan as an international exchange program.  It provides a once in a life time experience for both players from Japan and Singapore.

Coerver Coaching Singapore 
*Sawyer Masuoka (Right Foot / Right Back Defender)
—- Born: 2000
—- Height / Weight: 165cm / 55kg
*Zachary Gedal (Right Foot / Right Winger)
—- Born: 1999
—- Height / Weight: 170cm / 60kg
*Patrick Devine (Left Foot / Winger)
—- Born: 2000
—- Height / Weight: 170cm / 60kg

Top Left Photo; (Left: Sawyer Masuoka. Middle: Zachary Gedal. Right: Patrick Devine)

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IMG_1150 IMG_1148
IMG_1156 IMG_1154

Training at Coerver Setagaya School.

The U-15 players from Coerver Coaching Singapore Academy came to visit Tokyo, Japan. They enjoyed the training and got to experience what other Coerver players could not. Also three of the players were astonished by the fine touches and quickness by the Japanese players and vis versa, Japanese players were surprised equally by the strength, aggressiveness and the will to win every fight. Not only players but parents as well were surprised at the discipline taught to younger children in Japan. Well behaved and well mannered.


Group photo on a Tuesday with the U-15 Boys and Coaches.

October 21, 2015

On Wednesday, Sawyer Masuoka participate for the second training at Coerver Musashi-Urawa School. Sawyer has worked really hard in the both training. And was very aggressive in small sided games and in games.

IMG_1176 IMG_1171 IMG_1185 IMG_1183

Training at Coerver Musashi Urawa School.


Group photo with U-15 Musashi Urawa players with School Master: Tasuku Yatabe.


Question: First of all, what was your first impression participating in the training with U-15 Coerver Coaching Japan players?
Answer (All): We all enjoyed the training and had lots of fun! We usually train at a larger field so it was a bit strange at first. However as time passed on we all gradually adapted to the surface difference at Setagaya School. Most of all we really enjoyed the opportunity to play soccer in Japan with the same age group and gained a lot of experience.

Question: That’s great to hear!! What is your impression on Japanese players?
Answer (All): We were all impressed at the highly disciplined the Japanese players were however, we also sensed a bit of shyness when interacting with them.

Question: I couldn’t agree more, did you every feel any difference towards the play style with the Japanese players compared to when you play back home?
Answer (All): Yes, they have an ability of quick agility and speed when they are put into tight situation. Also they are very skillful with great touch with the ball.


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